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CNN -Travel: Beautiful desserts of India (photos)

BBC - Future: The truth about family estrangement

Forbes: Honoring Family Traditions By Learning To Cook From Real Yiayias

The Epoch Times: What We Can Learn From Our Parents and Grandparents in the Kitchen

Food52: Congee: A Comforting Rice Porridge With Many Faces, Many Names

Rewire: When Your Parents Don't Like the Person You're Marrying

Pretty Progressive: The 6 Most Feminist-Friendly Fiction Books

Fupping: Best Biography: Ten Thousand Tongues by Nandita Godbole

Fupping: Best Notebooks For Writers | How To Utilise a Writers Notebook

The Takeout: The fried paneer sandwich has become a cult fast-food hit.

Taste Cooking: The Case for Unripe Mangoes

Women Fitness: 7 Exotic Recipes To Feast On This Holiday Season

Livemint: The bittersweet story of Indian berries


Broadly: Read Between the Racism: The Serious Lack of Diversity in Book Publishing


Atlanta Business Chronicle: Super-commuters soar despite heroic schedules

Little India Magazine: Vegetarianism & Traditional Cooking: A Fad?


Publishers Weekly: The Indie Authors Guide to Organizing Author Events, Alex Palmer


Creators Syndicate: Family Favorites, Kristen Castillo Unwritten Memoirs: 23 memoirs that haven’t been written (and totally should be), Ben Kassoy.

Build Book Buzz: 28 book marketing tips from authors, publicists, and marketers

And others including but not limited to The Asian Age, Taste, Bon Appetit etc.

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