I wrote my first verse at 5-6 years of age and saved it away on a scrap of paper in the family altar. It went something like this, in a child like sing-song way, if I recall:


Tiny fingers on my hands,

Tiny, tiny toes

How tiny, how tiny, so tiny? Some ask -

Who knows, who knows.


My love of verse has been around a while, thanks to teachers, friends and my parents. It is my reflective, contemplative space.


So bring a cup of cha, find a warm cozy spot and a lazy afternoon, and read on

A poem and a reflection.

A short poem about the cycle of Karma.

Happy Friday!!

On World Hindi Day, I wanted to share something about my fondness for writing verse in Hindi. I rummaged through old notes, journals and...

"The sun had just set and as the shadows began to form, the silhouette of an early Victorian home played hide and seek with the elusive silvery w...

"But Life meticulously reminds us each day, that it chooses to remain unpredictable. The rollercoaster of these last two weeks included 2 very d...



Today is stained with sadness, as it has every day since last year.

It is drenched in memories of bodies arched in sorrow, spirits limp...

An old poem about the passage of time, of friendships, of identity and who we become.

14 Feb 2017

To all the valentines past and present
To the hearts kept, broken, lost or found
Know that love has been yours,
cherished and treasured,
Though your l...

25 Feb 2015

.. and other short stories.


In my childhood, I spent many a summer visiting my maternal grandmothers’ home, puttering through her house and curiously...

20 Feb 2015


उम्र गुज़र गई

पर तुमसे अलविदा न कर सके 

किसी और वक्त की यादोंसे

तुमको जुदा न कर सके.


किसीकी आँखोंने अल्हड़पनमें

इस दिल को था तराशा 

ज़ख्में दर्द दे गए...

10 Mar 2014


Dear Lord:

This last month of writing is proving to be far tougher and challenging than all the 12 months before it.

In this past year, as I finish...

15 Jan 2014

Photo: Mahabalipuram, TN. India. (c) Nandita Godbole, 2013

This room feels crowded
especially when no one is here.
The chatter, the voices, the questio...

8 Oct 2013

I have written prose and verse, in whatever cobbled form, for nearly 30 years now. I penned these words one night, a few years ago, before a new adve...

15 Jun 2013

I am open, said a book one day.

One that you are welcome to read.

Walking away won’t change my words

Only that what you can see.


I am not a choice, it sa...

17 Jan 2011

There is quiet

While the din continues
Emptiness remains,
A faint longing ensues.

Listen to them nattering
Sharing, screaming, asking, seeking.
But, do...

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